Rtveli in Kakheti


In order to ensure your Georgian experience is richly layered with culture and tradition, we have lined up some memorable experiences for you to walk away with. We will start you off with a much-needed trip to the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Metekhi Church and the monument of Vakhtanf Gorgasali, the legendary founder of Tbilisi. The Sulphur bathhouses, Narikala fortress, the singular mosque of Tbilisi and a visit to the clock tower of the famous Rezo Gabriadze Theatre would define your Tbilisi Experience. But don’t think we will only limit you to one city! That would be unfair to you and the extensive beauty of Georgia. No trip would be complete without a tour of the town of Mtskheta, Georgia’s cultural and religious hub, or to the Bodhe Monastery, or to Sighnaghi, also known as the city of love and a great deal more. And of course, then there is the Rtveli, a holiday meant for anyone and everyone who loves good food and good wine, and an absolute must for you to experience.



Our representatives will come to receive you from the Tbilisi International Airport and accompany you to the hotel we have pre-booked for you. They will make sure that your check-in is smooth and you settle in well. They will give you a briefing on the following day’s plan and answer all your queries too.

day 1


Once you have had breakfast, the tour will begin around 10 am. It will start with paying a visit to the Holy Trinity Cathedral, known to be one of the tallest Orthodox Cathedrals in the world. From there we will proceed to the Metekhi neighborhood to visit its famous church and the adjourning monument which stands in honor of Tbilisi’s legendary founder, Vakhtang Gorgasali. When you have soaked in the history of this enchanting neighborhood, we will leave for the Rike Park from where we will take the cable car to reach the Kartlis Deda monument, otherwise known as the Mother of Georgia, and later the Narikala Fortress. From here, we will go for a walk around the Abanotubani District, famous for its sulphur bathhouses. On the way, you can witness Tbilisi’s only mosque and the clock tower of the famous Rezo Gabriadze Theatre. Right around then would be a good time to replenish your energy. You'll have lunch at a local restaurant for exposure to the local cuisine. After that, we will change the setting, and drive you to Mtskheta, the religious and cultural center of Georgia. Having been the capital of Eastern Georgian Kingdom of Iberia from the third century BC, Mtskheta is layered with history and architectural masterpieces of the early Medieval Period. At the very top of the hill, overlooking the Aragvi and the Mtkvari rivers, is situated the Svetiskhovely, the main cathedral of Mtskheta, where the robe of Christ is currently being kept. Once you are done experiencing the rich history and culture of the town, we will drive you back to Tbilisi and drop you off at the hotel.

day 2


Our driver and guide will pick you up at the hotel the next morning and take you to discover the marvels of Georgia . The first stop on the checklist will be the Bodbe Monastery. As the legend goes, in c. 335 St. Nino, who crossed the entire country healing people and preaching the message of the true God, entreated the people to bury her there. From there we will carry on to Sighnaghi, famously called the city of love. Situated on the mountainside in the historical region of Kakheti, to the east of Georgia, the small town of Sighnaghi is the only city in Georgia where fortress walls of bygone times are still preserved and are crowned with watchtowers that allow tourists to admire the magnificent view of the Alazan valley. For lunch, we will then make a stopover at Vakirelebi, a traditional Georgian restaurant in the village of Vakiri. Here you will also get to experience master-classes in khinkali making, a Georgian dumpling, and bread-making. Rtveli, a traditional vintage and rural holiday, will prove to be a joy for true gourmets and wine lovers. The holiday comprises of a series of feasts, musical events, and cultural celebrations. It usually takes place in the September to October period, depending on whether you’re in eastern or western Georgia, respectively. We will experience this holiday together with you and have an overnight stay planned for you at a hotel in Telavi to prolong your adventure.

day 3


This will be your final day on tour with us. After you have had your breakfast, we will assist you in checking out from the hotel and drive you to the Tbilisi International Airport. There we bid you a warm farewell, with the hope that you will come visit us again.

day 4