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At Lebanon Tours, we realize how important your first trip as a couple is and want to make sure that it is the most memorable experience that you have, and one that stays with you for the rest of your lives. We want to make sure you jointly experience the wonders of Georgia. So we will start your trip off by taking you to the crowning beauties of Tbilisi, some of which are the Holy Trinity Church, the Botanical Garden, and the Narikala Fortress. We also want to allow you some quality time by the shores of the Lisi Lake, where we have planned some surprises for you and your better half. We will then take it up a notch and expose you to the greater beauty of Georgia, from the Bodbe Monastery to the Sighaghi, also known as the city of love, to the historically rich region of Kakheti. And this is just the start, Jvari Monastery in Mtskheta, the tree of Wishes, the boat trip to Kazbegi, an expedition to the Uplistsikhe cave, the Borjomi Central Park and a lot else we have in store to make sure your trip truly is unique.



Our representatives will come to receive you from the Tbilisi International Airport and accompany you to the hotel that we have pre-booked for you, and make sure that your check-in is smooth. They will give you a briefing on the following day’s plan and answer all your queries.

day 1


Once you have had breakfast, the tour will begin around 10 o’clock. It will start with paying a visit to the Holy Trinity Cathedral, known to be one of the tallest Orthodox Cathedrals in the world. We will then go to the Rike Park from where we will take the cable car to reach the Kartlis Deda monument, otherwise known as the Mother of Georgia, and a take a tour through the Botanical Garden and the Narikala Fortress. This will be followed by a walk to the old city, where lunch would be organized. Once you have replenished your energy, we will head out to the Lisi Lake, a mild offshoot of the Kurta River valley, situated in the vicinity of Tbilisi. There you can enjoy the natural beauty of the country and enjoy a serene evening by the waterside or in the nearby cafes and restaurants. Those of you who would like to partake in activities, there are a number of options available, from boat trips to quad-bikes. Finally, we will end the day with a special photo session and a romantic dinner that we have planned for you.

day 2


Our driver and tour guide will pick you up from the hotel and set out to discover the marvels of Georgia with you. The first stop on the checklist will be the Bodbe Monastery. As the legend goes, in c. 335 St. Nino, who crossed the entire country healing and preaching to people the message of the true God, entreated the people to bury her there. From there we will carry on to Sighnaghi, famously called the city of love. Situated on the mountainside in the historical region of Kakheti, to the east of Georgia, the small town of Sighnaghi is the only city in Georgia where fortress walls of bygone times are still preserved and are crowned with watchtowers that allow tourists to admire the magnificent view of the Alazan valley. For lunch, we will then make a stopover at Vakirelebi, a traditional Georgian restaurant in the village of Vakiri. Here you will also get to experience master-classes in khinkali making, a Georgian dumpling, and bread-making. Once you have indulged in these local delicacies, we will check you in for the night in Sighnaghi, so that you can spend some more time absorbing the serenity of Kakheti.

day 3


From Sighnaghi we will head back to Tbilisi around 1 pm and have lunch there, and start the plan for the day right after. We will head out to Mtskheta, where our first stop will be the Jvari Monastery. It is an elegant structure which stands at the edge of a high rock, offering a great contrast to the severe but extremely picturesque nature of the area. From the Monastery, you can get an extensive panoramic view of the Mtskheta, at the foot of its hill Georgia’s most known river, the Kura and the Aragvi, flow. Right around the corner from Jvari, grows the Tree of Wishes, where pilgrims from near and far come to tie ribbons around its branches in the hope that their wishes get granted. Once you have made your wishes, we will, by way of a boat, sail to Kazbegi. On the way, we will also make a quick stopover at the Ananuri fortress, which was built between the 14th-17th centuries. On arriving at Kazbegi we will check in to the Stepantsminda hotel for the night.

day 4


From the hotel, we will take special jeeps to the Gergeti Trinity Church, a 14th-century structure, situated 2200 meters above sea-level, regarded as one of the most beautiful churches in the world. Once you are done admiring this marvelous structure we will head 7 km outwards from Stepantsminda towards the Gveleti waterfall. Once we have lunch and enjoyed some of the diverse local cuisines, we will head out to the Uplistsikhe cave, which translates to ‘Fortress of the Lord’. It is an approximately 3,000 year old rock-hewn town, which is known to have played a significant role in Georgian history. Archaeological excavations have unearthed extraordinary artifacts dating from the late Bronze Age all the way up to the late Middle Ages. Finally, after experiencing the richness of this place, we will end our day’s plan in Borjomi. The town is famous for its mineral water industry, which is Georgia’s number one export item. Here our tour guide will talk you for a walk around the renowned Borjomi Central Park and later help you check in at a local hotel.

day 5


After breakfast, the drive and the guide would pick you up from the hotel and again take you to the Central Park to allow you some more leisure time there. In the afternoon, once you have had lunch, we will make our way to the Rabati Castle, which is an old stone-structure standing on a small hill by the shores of the Potskhovi River. This is the main attraction of the Akhaltsikhe town, and drives its name from Arabic, meaning the “fortified place”. Located in the western suburbs of the town, it can practically be seen from anywhere in the city. From here we will start our journey back to Tbilisi.

day 6


The following day, after you have had breakfast, packed your stuff and checked out from the hotel, we will take you to the main shopping attractions in the city to allow you some last minute purchases. From there we will take you to the airport and bid you a warm farewell with the hope that you will come back to visit our beautiful country.

day 7