Seaside pack


If you are someone who loves cities by the sea and want to indulge in some good summer sightseeing, while embracing the ethos of a place, then this package is perfect for you. We will drive you from Tbilisi to Batumi by road and make many much-needed stops on the way, including at the Matvilli Canyon where you get to take a boat trip around its deep green colored river. In Batumi, the weather obligates you to stay outdoors as much as possible. The Batumi Boulevard, the famous moving sculpture of Ali and Nino, and the panoramic view from the Alphabet Tower, would definitely be worth your while. A trip to the Mysvane Kontskhi, locally referred to as the Green Paradise, will enamor you with its beauty. Gonio and its vibrant and happening nightlife, with its stark contrast to the peace emanating from the Black Sea, will enchant you and make you feel alive like never before. These are just some highlights of what you should expect from this package, with a lot more in store. Some other spots we will visit include the Makhuntseti waterfall, the wine houses of Adjarian, Borjomi city and its key attractions, and the Prometheus cave in Kutaisi.


Arrival and Departure

Meeting with the representatives of (Lebanon Tours) at Tbilisi international airport, transfer to the hotel in Tbilisi.

day 1

Tbilisi – Martvili canyon - Batumi

We will check out from the hotel in Tbilisi and go to Batumi and by the way will visit amazing Martvili canyon, one of the best sightseeing in Georgia. Martvili canyon used to be a bath place for Dadiani family. We will visit it to enjoy the scenery, its waterfalls and take a boat trip in the river with deep green color. After launch we will continue our route to Batumi. Check in at local hotel.

day 2


On third day we will have a free time. Time for relaxing, walking on the beach, use bicycles... Let`s take a Batumi’s dreamy climate nearly obligates visitors to spend as much time outside as possible, even if simply lounging on the beach. Alternatively, the Batumi Boulevard runs for four-plus miles along the coast - we will walk in the afternoon and pass by some proud, old Georgian men locked in an intense game of chess. At the end of the boulevard, we will visit the famous moving sculpture of Ali, an Azerbaijani Muslim, and Nino, a Georgian princess based on the tragic love story supposedly written by Kurban Said. Then will climb the Alphabetic Tower, a sky-high monument decorated with the Georgian alphabet and offering panoramic city views like a Batumi-style Eiffel Tower...

day 3

One of the beautiful places in Batumi - Mtsvane Kontskhi (Green Cope)

Lebanon Tours company`s driver and tour guide will pick you up from the hotel in Batumi and will go to visit Mtsvane Kontskhi. Only 9 km. away from Batumi, the natives call this place Green Paradise. It has breathtaking scenery including a botanical garden next to the beach! Tourists and locals go there not only for sunbathing and swimming, but also for diving. Mtsvane Kontskhi is well served by its many guest houses, restaurants, and café-bars so you can stay there for the whole day and enjoy the beauty of the Green Paradise. After lunch we will continue to discover Batumi and beaches located nearby this city. So, we will visit Gonio. Gonio is the most vibrant beach on this list. Here the city’s nightlife is right on the shore with its many noisy bars and clubs. Their music and the sea’s surf resonate together to create a romantic and hip atmosphere. In the evening of the same day we will return to Batumi.

day 4

Batumi - Makhuntseti - Batumi

Next day will start by visiting Makhuntseti waterfall, which is located near the town of Keda, at 335 meters above sea level. While visiting the waterfall we will also visit nearby tourist attractions, including the ancient arched stone Makhuntseti Bridge, Adjarian wine houses, and private wine cellars scattered throughout Keda Municipality. And after that we will head back to the hotel.

day 5

Batumi - Borjomi

We will check out from hotel in Batumi and will move to Borjomi city, The town is noted for its mineral water industry (which is the number one export of Georgia), the Romanov summer palace in Likani, and the World Wide Fund for Nature-site Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. Because of the supposed curative powers of the area's mineral springs, it is a frequent destination for people with health problems. By the way to Borjomi will visit Prometheus cave in Kutaisi, which was discovered in 1984 and was almost immediately developed as a show cave. Kumistavi is the biggest cave in Georgia. Visitors are amazed with breathtaking views of stalactites, stalagmites, petrified waterfalls, underground rivers and lakes of the cave. Overnight in Borjomi.

day 6

Departing Day.

After having breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant we will check out to heading to Tbilisi’s international airport.

day 7