Birtvisi fortress


Driver and tour guide will pick you up from the hotel at 09:00 AM and will start hiking tour to Birtvisi castle. Birtvisi is ruined medieval fortress in Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia, which is a very small but a unique place with a strange shaped rocks. Easily passable canyons which are situated between these rocks represent a natural castle. Indeed, during the whole history this castle had a great importance for the feudalists. A person who would conquer this castle would become the master of the nearby lands. According to this, the place is doubly interesting as a queer place with a fascinating nature and as a place with historical monuments. After 1 hour driving we will be at the place and will have a breakfast. To reach the fortress we have to walk approximately 3.5 km (way is medieval passable). We will go through Trialeti National Park, which is rich of unique flora and amazing nature. After visiting the Birtvisi fortress we will have a lunch and will continue to explore this area, taking photos, enjoy the nature and fresh air. At 17:00 PM we will start to collect our luggage and at 18:00 PM will head back to Tbilisi.